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Does anybody know how to save an NSImage as a JPEG? NSImage has built-in support for producing a TIFF image, but I want JPEG. Would I have to use Quicktime.h for this? Probably. If so, could you give me some code. I don’t know how to use Carbon code with Cocoa.


You could try this:

NSArray *representations; NSData *bitmapData;

representations = [myImage representations];

bitmapData = [NSBitmapImageRep representationOfImageRepsInArray:representations usingType:NSJPEGFileType properties:nil];

[bitmapData writeToFile:@”/Users/bob/MyImage.jpeg” atomically:YES];

– Ibson

Thanks, it works great!

You may also want to add some Properties for better quality e.g:

    bitmapData = [NSBitmapImageRep representationOfImageRepsInArray:representations 
        properties:[NSDictionary dictionaryWithObject:[NSDecimalNumber numberWithFloat:1.0] 

to get an Jpeg you actually want to look at ;-)


Has Apple added support for reading/writing Progressive JPEG yet?

In 10.4 you can add YES (wrapped in an NSNumber) for the key NSImageProgressive in the properties dictionary to get progressive JPEGS

I’m assuming it uses the QuickTime exporter, which means that 0.90 should still make it high quality and much smaller.

An alternate NSJPEGImageRep using libjpeg might be interesting.

When trying the above code, I get an empty array of representations. I’m using the code in a command line application. Do I have to instantiate other Classes than NSAutoReleasePool ?

Update: Using the code from NSImageFromAMovieFrame the code above works. It seems the image has to have at least one NSBitmapImageRep. In the code I used earlier the NSImage was based on a NSBitmapImageRep…


The code above is good, but if you’ve done any thing to your NSImage after it was created - even if you simply called [image lockFocus], then its internal NSBitmapImageRep was prepared for screen drawing and was converted into an NSCachedImageRep - and you can no longer just write it out using the code above. I ran into this because I was creating an NSImage and/or an NSBitmapImageRep from jpeg data, but then attempting to write a string across the lower portion of the image - this works fine, but I could no longer write the image out. As I mentioned above, if I didn’t even do the text drawing, but simply called -lockFocus, I could no longer write it out. The solution is to add another step - save the cached image rep as TIFF data, then create another bitmap image rep out of it:

// do whatever you need to do to create and/or modify your NSImage NSData *imageData = [image TIFFRepresentation]; NSBitmapImageRep *imageRep = [NSBitmapImageRep imageRepWithData:imageData]; NSDictionary *imageProps = [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObject:[NSNumber numberWithFloat:0.9] forKey:NSImageCompressionFactor]; imageData = [imageRep representationUsingType:NSJPEGFileType properties:imageProps]; [imageData writeToFile:filename atomically:NO];

(Yes, you can cut out a few of those intermediate variables).


Blake’s code amendment made it work for me. Thanks!