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Is it possible to assign a tooltip to an NSImage? I can’t seem to figure this out. It doesn’t look like there’s any easy way to do it. I see that NSView has a toolTip method, but I need an image in a tableView cell to have a toolTip, so I don’t want to create a custom view for this.

Any ideas? This is literally the last thing in my application that isn’t done. –GarrettMurray

You can assign a tooltip for the column in the tableview by creating a tooltip rectangle. Something along the lines of:

colTag = [self addToolTipRect:[self rectOfColumn:i] owner:self userData:nil];

Where i is the column that you wish (grab it using the identifier. – MatPeterson

You might add a tooltip rect that’s the same size as your table. Then your tooltip owner could implement something like this…

// Conform to the NSToolTipOwner protocol..

This way you could display a tooltip in any column and row. HTH