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Hey it’s me again, hehe. I hope I’m not bothering but I really want to lear so someday I can teach someone too ;-)

I’ve got a NSMatrix with 4 radio buttons as NSButtonCells. I need to know which one is the selected one before continuing my action, but I don’t know how to check them, so I tried to do it by using their titles (the NSMatrix is called myChoice):

But everytime I try this (with any of the four radio buttons) NSLog returns “Error”, which means my code’s not working. Ive also tried replacing @”Artist” by an NSString with that value, but won’t work too.

What should I do? Thanx in advance!

You should be using the NSString method -isEqualToString:, not the == operator, to compare strings (i.e. [myChoice selectedCell] title] isEqualToString:@”Artist”]). The == operator will only return true if the strings are the same object, while the -isEqualToString: method compares the strings character-by-character to see if they’re equivalent. – Bo

Wow, I would never think about using isEqualToString. Thank you so much Bo.

Remember, [[NSButton inherits from NSControl, and NSControl has an int member, tag. You can set that in InterfaceBuilder. Then, switch on [sender tag].

I’ve got each radio button having its own tag, but in my IBAction, [sender tag] return the matrix’s tag ( I set it to an odd number, just to be certain ). Now, the matrix isn’t connected to the IBOutlet, rather I double-clicked the cells and connected them all to the same outlet.

So, my question is, WTF is going on????

I got around it by querying [[thematrix selectedCell] tag] , but it’s still a peculiarity.