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I have an NSMatrix of NSButtonCells and actions sent on both single-clicking and double-clicking a cell. From the documentation of NSMatrix:

doubleAction Returns the action method sent by the receiver to its target when the user double-clicks an entry, or NULL if there's no double-click action.

Discussion The double-click action of an NSMatrix is sent after the appropriate single-click action (for the NSCell clicked or for the NSMatrix if the NSCell doesn’t have its own action). If there is no double-click action and the NSMatrix doesn’t ignore multiple clicks, the single-click action is sent twice. </code>

As indicated above the double-click action is sent after the single-click action (the first click of a double-click) however I do not want this behavior. If the user double-clicks I don’t want the single-click action to happen, only the double-click one. I am able to reverse the single-click action in the double-click action implementation however upon adding Undo support the single-click event is entered in the Undo stack which I do not want, again when the single-click is “part of” a double-click event. So, any ideas on either (1) somehow ignoring a single-click action if it’s “part of” a double-click event or (2) removing the last item off the Undo stack or grouping the current item with the last item. Thanks for any suggestions.


Actually, added Undo support makes this even easier. Just call [undoManager undo] as part of your double-click action. Not only will the Undo event be removed, but the single-click action will be undone. –JediKnil—- —- Wow, thanks for the excellent tip! I just implemented that and it works beautifully. I’d actually tried this approach initially but had somehow needlessly complicated it. I love it when a clean fix is one line of code.