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I have an NSMatrix of 2 radio buttons and I don’t understand the behavior I am experiencing. When the user clicks on one of the radio buttons, the matrix triggers the following method:


The behavior I’m seeing is that I have to select a radio button twice in order to see the NSLog display 1, 0 or 0, 1. Otherwise I get 1, 1

I’m sure there’s something I’m not understanding. I’m also sure that there is a better way to see the state of a radio button that has just been clicked. Hopefully someone here can help me on either points.


I would guess that when your action method is called, the state is still switching somehow. You could try just using the much simpler [sender selectedCell] or [sender selectedTag], both NSControl methods. –JediKnil

Yes, not every cell has had its state updated when the action message is sent. -[NSMatrix selectedCell] is what you want, like knil said.