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Is there possible to make a slider that follows a movie playback: If you drag the slider the movie follows! ?

Is this not part of the normal function of NSMovieView?

Yes it is! But i won’t it somewhere else, is that possible?

Not that I know of, sorry. You may have to a) write it yourself or b) adapt your requirements. Not the most useful answer…

IMO you need to ask yourself ‘Why can’t I use the standard UI that users expect?’ You need a better answer to that question than ‘I want it somewhere else’

Yeah, it’s pretty important to provide a consistent feel throughout the OS.

Most apps that want to play a QuickTime movie have a QuickTime-feeling slider right under it. If you just use a standard slider, it will take users several moments to realize how to scrub the video (move around inside of it).

Do you have a specific reason for wanting the slider to be in a different location?