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I’m building an app to edit movies, but it’s a small app, so I don’t need anything fancy.

1) I have two NSMovieViews which the first one loads a movie chosen by the user through a NSOpenPanel. But I need the movie on the second one to be automatically loaded as the software is executed. I have dragged the movie to the Groups & Files and then put it into a folder called “Images and Movies”. How do I load that movie called “filmDefault” as soon as the app launches?

2) I want to able to select a part of one movie and then paste it into another, so I enabled editing on both NSMovieViews. The problem is that when I copy something from a movie view and paste it into the other one, the app keeps thinking and nothing happens. Then the movie view on which the movie was pasted on stops responding.

I haven’t built an action for the Copy/Paste, so I’m using the App’s default one. Is that the problem?

Anyone, please??

For #1, I don’t know of a way to set the movie in an NSMovieView from IB alone. You can do it from code, though. Something like this:

// in the window controller for the containing window - when // the nib finishes loading, set the movie

I don’t know about #2, sorry.

Thanx dude! It worked perfectly!