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I’m new to NSNotifications, and I need a place to start.

Try one of the CocoaBooks. They pretty much all cover it.

It’s fairly simple - all the info you need to start is at []

Please can someone tell me how to write a NSNotification that when text changes in a NSTextView it changes something else.

implement - (void)textDidChange:(NSNotification *)aNotification in your text view’s delegate (an object’s delegate is automatically registered for its notifications), or register for NSTextDidChangeNotification in any other object and point it at a method of your own.

I spent time trying to get notifications to an NSTextField delegate using textDidChange, and it never worked. Then I tried adding (void) controlTextDidChange:(NSNotification *)notification to my delegate and that was called for each keydown in the NSTextField. —-

textDidChange is apparently a method NSTextField itself implements as delegate of a FieldEditor. controlTextDidChange is the way to go. See