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I’m trying to get into Objective-C coming from Ruby and figured the best way to make sure I had head screwed on straight was to start writing simple unit tests to check my assumptions against reality.

I got two tests into the process and ran into problems with the following test:

It fails with the following error:

TestNSNumber.m:32: error: -[TestNSNumber testNumberWithFloat] : Type mismatch – Number should equal 10.5 but instead equals 10.5. RunUnitTests:153: error: Test rig ‘/Developer/Tools/otest’ exited abnormally with code 139 (it may have crashed).

I’m utterly stumped and am surely missing something so blindingly obvious I simply can’t see it. I’d be very grateful for a pointer in the right direction. Thanks!


Not sure, but try comparing against 10.5f. 10.5 is a double in C.

Thanks! That fixed the error with the assertion.

Unfortunately, otest is still crashing.

You should not release number, as you have not alloced, copied, or retained it. See MemoryManagement.

That did the trick. Thank you! I was right that I was missing some really basic things. Thanks for your patience.