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How do you make an array of NSPoints? I’m trying to generate a path using some points stored in a NSMutableArray. Any help?

– JohnDevor

My first try at this was sacrificed to the wiki gods so let’s try this again. NSValue is designed to handle precisely this problem. – Bo

To insert:

[myArray addObject:[NSValue valueWithPoint:myPoint]];

And to retrieve:

myPoint = myArray objectAtIndex:i] pointValue];

Hey learn something new every day!!! –zootbobbalu


– [[JohnDevor

If you want to go the C route, I believe NSPointArray is defined as NSPoint *. All standard warnings apply. – RobRix

You might try an NSSet. I believe it is a useful container for other objects with faster sorting/comparison than an NSArray.

– SashaGelbart

NSSet is a great class, but if you need to preserve ordering, then it’s of less utility. – RobRix

Or you could do something completely amusing (and a waste of time) and simply make each NSPoint a data item and place it in the array. Why? I dunno…was too early in the morning to make up something else.