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I have a Core Data based application I created for myself that has an NSPopUpButton populated via bindings. The NSPopUpButton contains the names of all the courses I am taking this fall (the app is an assignment book). I’d like to add have at the top of my listing an “Overview” item and then a separater item. Below that would be the bound course listing from my data file.

mmalc has a description on his bindings homepage, but it doesn’t seem to make much sense to me. Has anyone done something similar and can offer me some more guidance?


Taken from:

Mixed static and dynamic content

It is possible to have a popup button mixed with static and dynamic items using bindings. Assuming the content is managed by an NSArrayController, set the array controller’s contentArray to be a variable provided by indexed accessor methods. In the indexed accessor methods you can “fake” the return values to return

You’ll want to do something like this

-(int)countOfMenuItems { // You want to add one extra item plus a separator so we need to add 2 “fake” items return ([dynamicItems count] + 2); }

This assumes that you’re binding the popup to “MenuItems” and dynamicItems is bound to the stored courses.