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Functions and constants for NSRect.

NSPoint UKCenterOfRect( NSRect rect ) { return NSMakePoint( NSMidX(rect), NSMidY(rect) ); }

NSPoint UKTopCenterOfRect( NSRect rect ) { return NSMakePoint( NSMidX(rect), NSMaxY(rect) ); }

NSPoint UKTopLeftOfRect( NSRect rect ) { return NSMakePoint( NSMinX(rect),NSMaxY(rect) ); }

NSPoint UKTopRightOfRect( NSRect rect ) { return NSMakePoint( NSMaxX(rect), NSMaxY(rect) ); }

NSPoint UKLeftCenterOfRect( NSRect rect ) { return NSMakePoint( NSMinX(rect), NSMidY(rect) ); }

NSPoint UKBottomCenterOfRect( NSRect rect ) { return NSMakePoint( NSMidX(rect), NSMinY(rect) ); }

NSPoint UKBottomLeftOfRect( NSRect rect ) { return rect.origin; }

NSPoint UKBottomRightOfRect( NSRect rect ) { return NSMakePoint( NSMaxX(rect), NSMinY(rect) ); }

NSPoint UKRightCenterOfRect( NSRect rect ) { return NSMakePoint( NSMaxX(rect), NSMidY(rect) ); }

NSRect NKScaleRect(NSRect inRect, float scaleX, float scaleY) { NSRect outRect = inRect; outRect.size.width += scaleX * inRect.size.width; outRect.size.height += scaleY * inRect.size.height;

outRect.origin.x -= (outRect.size.width - inRect.size.width) / 2.0;
outRect.origin.y -= (outRect.size.height - inRect.size.height) / 2.0;

return outRect; }

Based on code by John C. Randolph, but prettied up, renamed and debugged.

Shouldn’t this page be named UKRectFunctions?

Wow, one would want to go through the trouble of linking against a library with these functions? So, UKRightCenterOfRect(rect) is that much faster to type then NSMakePoint(NSMaxX(rect), NSMidY(rect))? And I didn’t even use UKBottomLeftOfRect() as an example!!

Silly if you ask me…

It’s not that they’re that much faster to write, it’s that they’re faster to read. When you see “bottom left”, it’s a tad more obvious than NSMaxX()/NSMidY().

You could just #import “UKRectFunctions.h”

Syntax help: No Explanation: No How to use: No —Perhaps this page is useless…

Perhaps you need to learn how to use a C function.

Also, I think these functions are sort of wrong! NSMax(r) returns NSMinX(r) + NSWidth(r). When I ask for the top-right point I expect to get NSMinX(r) + NSWidth(r) - 1, but maybe that is just me? —- It’s consistent with how NSMaxRange() works. Apple sez: Returns range.location + range.length�in other words, the number 1 greater than the maximum value within the range. —- I was referring to the UK-functions, not NSMaxX. Is the top right corner one greater than the corner inside the view? I guess things get more complicated by the fact that the view coordinate system doesn’t really match the screen coordinate system, so filling a single pixel in the top right corner would anyway not be as simple as using the actual coordinate for that place ;)