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I’ve been playing around with the example code of TextEdit….

…and I’m dying….

Basically, I just want to modify the starting locations of the tabs in the NSRuler of the NSTextView and I’m having a hell of a time trying to access the Markers array of the NSRuler.

Here’s what I’ve got so far…

//This is in the Document setup // get the NSTextView NSTextView *textView = [self firstTextView];

//change the font NSFont *theFont = [NSFont fontWithName:@”Courier” size:12.0]; [textView setFont:theFont];

// get the NSScrollView of the NSTextView to get to the NSRuler // why can’t I get the NSRuler from the NSTextView?????? NSScrollView *sv = [textView superview];

// get the NSRuler from the NSScrollView NSRulerView *rv = [NSScrollView rulerViewClass];

// now when I look in the debugger, rv seems to be a proper NSRulerView

// try to get the array of markers // THIS IS WHAT DOESN’T WORK NSArray *ma = [rv markers];

I get this in the run log “+[NSRulerView markers]: selector not recognized” The documentation for NSRulerView says that there’s a markers array, but I can’t seem to get to it….

How do I access the markers array of my NSRuler?



You’re not getting an NSRulerView instance. Your first clue to the error is the “+” in front of [NSRulerView markers]. This shows you it’s trying to send -markers to the NSRulerView CLASS, not an instance.

Looking earlier in your code you’re asking the scrollview for the class, not the instance itself. Check out the NSScrollView documentation and you’ll see that -rulerViewClass hands back a class. You want -horizontalRulerView and -verticalRulerView.