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I have a class which implements guide lines as a layer of a drawing. That’s all fine, debugged, working. I would like to be able to create guides in the manner of Photoshop et. al. by dragging them off the ruler. So I have a scrollview with NSRulerViews showing, and my main view is a client of both rulers. I pick up the client message - (void) rulerView:(NSRulerView) aRulerView handleMouseDown:(NSEvent) theEvent; , which allows me to detect the initial click in the ruler. I can use this event to create the guideline, but what now? I want to drag down into the main area of the view and have the guide track the mouse. My guide object does that part as long as I can get a mouseDragged event to it, but I can’t see how to get a mouseDragged event out of the NSRulerView. Any idea how to do this?

OK, I figured it out myself - it’s easy. All I had to do was to implement my own short modal tracking loop as long as I don’t see a mouseUp event. This loop keeps control until I stop dragging the guide. Here’s my code, based on the example in the cocoa docs “Handling Mouse Events in Views”: