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if I have an

NSString * myString = @”blah : blah”

why does

[[NSScanner scannerWithString:myString] scanUpToString:@”:” intoString:&myResult];

not give me “blah” for myResult?

I have scoured documentation for NSScanner and can’t get it to recognize symbol characters such as : and ‘ What am I missing?

Your code should work. “myResult” is an NSString pointer right?


NSString *myResult = nil;
NSString *myString = @"blah : blah";
[[NSScanner scannerWithString:myString] scanUpToString:@":" intoString:&myResult];
NSLog(@"myResult: <%@> myString: <%@>", myResult, myString);


2004-07-25 16:39:59.734 test[2998] myResult: myString: <blah : blah>