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Trying to get one to render in a table view. But it doesn’t really show up. Any thoughts?

I have never heard of that class. Is it a Panther thing? Am I out of the loop? What is it supposed to be?

– RobRix

It’s Pantster. And it doesn’t work. At least not for me.

Okay, so, what is it? Is it the base class for things like the search field and a combined icon/text cell? A matrix cell of some sort?

It might me something like a “matrix cell”. It’s basically a cell… and, um… it has segments. You can choose however many, and each segment can have something different in it – like an image, or some text, or a control… but all the segments would be displayed in one table column…

Any examples using NSSegmentedCell you’ve got handy could go here. hint hint ;-)

Its use looks pretty straight-forward but I haven’t used it yet.

It is the control used for “view switching” in Finder (outline, browser, icon) iCal (day, month, year) and similar. It looks exactly like the header of the new (Panther style) tab views.

Here is some sample code showing NSSegmentedControl.


Is there a way to get other kinds of buttons other than the aqua buttons, for instance notice iChat’s bottom buttons

You can set images for the buttons