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Have problem in getting my Slider Working. Basically I’m trying to modify the example given on the ADC website but add a Playback Rate slider for the movie being played.

Basically what I have done is added a slider in the interface Builder, below the QTMovieView object in the main window. I have setup an IBOutlet slider in the main controller which connects to the slider and also a action call slide.

In the header file MovieDocument.h i added the IBOutletNSSlider *slider and - (IBAction)slide:(id)sender; to the rest of the code

@interface MovieDocument : NSDocument { // movie window IBOutlet NSWindow *mMovieWindow; IBOutlet QTMovieView *mMovieView; IBOutlet NSSlider *slider;

    // movie document
QTMovie					*mMovie; } - (IBAction)slide:(id)sender;

and in the MovieDocument.m file I added

But this does not work at all, the speed of the playback of the movie does not change when i move the slider when I run the program and the log does not record down the changes in the slider. Anyone can help? or suggest anything that I may solve this problem? THanks

Did you connect the NSSlider in the Nib to the slide: action in your controller? Also make sure you have continuous checked (or unchecked) on the slider to have it react the way you would prefer. Continuous means that it will constantly call the action slide: while the mouse is down and the value is changing. Otherwise, it will only call the slide once the mouse has been released.