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Describe NSSpeechRecognizer here.

ok so I have this code for my application that creates a NSSpeechRecognizer.

NSSpeechRecognizer *listen; NSArray *cmds = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:@”next song”,@”last song”,nil]; listen = [[NSSpeechRecognizer alloc] init]; [listen setCommands:cmds]; [listen setDelegate:self]; [listen setListensInForegroundOnly:NO]; [listen startListening]; [listen setBlocksOtherRecognizers:YES];

This is the method that runs when a command is recognized. Does anyone know a method that will run if the command is not recognized or the speech recognizer cannot understand what is being said.


My guess would be ‘no’. ;-) For two reasons. 1 - Anything it heard, it’d be analyzing and unless it’s a match, it’d constantly be ‘not matching’ for all the background sounds it hears, which is terribly inefficient like Homer Simpson’s “Everything’s OK Alarm” which sounds every three seconds unless something’s not okay. 2 - There are no methods in the instance, delegate, or notifications sections of the docs for NSSpeechRecognizer. ;-)