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I want a object to follow the edge of a splitView when the splitView is resized,

but when i subclass and override mouseDragged or mouseMoved nothing happends,

what do i have to do?

It sounds like you just need to set autosizing in Interface Builder. Or am I misunderstanding you?

Try RBSplitView if you haven’t already.

Or am I misunderstanding you?

Autosizing didnt work out the way i wanted.

Try RBSplitView - I will try it:)

splitview has a delegate method


it gets called after the splitview is resized, and it allows you to manually resize your subVeiws at the appropriate time.

this is all you should need to manually setup a subView, but splitview Is also very flexible through the delegate methods, I suggest looking up NSSplitView in the documentation, where all of the delegate methods and Notifications are described in detail.