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I’m trying to use a stepper to change the contents of an NSImageView. I set the max and min values of the stepper to match the number of images I have, and then hooked up its target to my controller, where it calls a method that changes the image to the one at index [sender intValue]. But this always returns 1. Shouldn’t the stepper change its own value automatically? Or am I completely missing something?

Ok, I found the problem here. Apparently, there’s a bug with NSStepper which causes it to be completely impotent unless its autorepeat attribute is set to on. While this is undesirable for my use, it’s better than a control that always returns 1. Just thought I’d post this in case anyone else was having trouble getting NSStepper working.

How does one seed the initial value for the NSStepper to use? If a user types a value into a text field that the stepper is updating, how does one tell the stepper to increment or decrement based on the newly entered value?

I think you can use its superclass’ method setIntValue: and enter the field’s value as the argument. Not sure but I’ll check this out…

It’s not a bug with NSStepper. The documentation says: “autorepeat: YES if the first mouse down does one increment (or decrement) and, after a delay of 0.5 seconds, increments (or decrements) at a rate of ten times per second. NO if the receiver does one increment (decrement) on a mouse up. The default is YES.”. - PietroGagliardi

How is that relevant to the stated problem? He’s saying that it’s always returning 1 as its value. Even if auto-repeat is OFF, it should still actually increment or decrement on each click, so it will return a range of values. -setIntValue should set its value, but also make sure you’re setting sensible min and max values - if they aren’t set up correctly they’ll probably default to something that prevents the value changing at all. –GrahamCox.

Is there a way to programmatically set the initial value of a stepper? I can see in IB3.0 you can set an attribute called “Current”, which does set the initial value. But I need the value to be different sometimes. I tried [NSStepper setIntValue:] but that doesn’t seem to work. Anyone know what method gets called for the “Current” Attribute? Thx. -Larvell —-

Larvell, be sure to adjust your min and max values for the stepper before you assign its current value with setIntValue:. setIntValue does work. –KN —-

Clicking the stepper with autorepeat off also works fine for me too.