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I need to create an NSString that contains the ASCII code 2 character, how can this be done? Can it?


NSString *theString = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%c",2];
NSLog(@"%d",[theString characterAtIndex:0]);

I thought there was a class called NSStringContainingASCIICode when I read the title…

by the way, how about a naive guess @”\002” ? Doesn’t it work?

It didn’t when I tried it, but I didn’t use exactly that notation, so I dunno. The code above is more flexible if you need to create strings programatically, though.

Yup, the first sample worked great. Thanks!

How do I get the opposite? I mean, the ASCII code for a character I pass?

unichar ch = [string characterAtIndex:theIndex];

If the character at theIndex is ASCII, then ch contains the ASCII code.

Thanks a lot!