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I have a class method to get and set a string which returns the string called “Long”. eg:

-(NSString *)type { return type: }

-(void)setType:(NSString *)aType { [ aType retain]; [type release]; type =aType; }

The above is straight forward. I want to know how you call the string value in another method

-(double) myValue { if (type = [whatever the type is “Long” ]{

  return 0;
  return 1;
} }

If type is set to a string called “Long”. What is the objective -C code to give back the string value “long” in the MyValue method.

Thanks DSG

It is not clear what you’re asking, or what you’d like the code to do. My guess is that you want myValue to return 0 if type is @”Long”, and 1 otherwise?

If so, the myValue method should look like this:

-(double) myValue { if ([type isEqualToString:@”Long”]) {
return 0; }else{ return 1; } }

Thanks! works like a charm!