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NSTableColumn is the class used by NSTableView to display a column of data cells, including the header cell at the top. Most of the stuff you would do with NSTableColumn has been referenced on other pages, mostly about NSTableView. (If anyone can find these pages, please add them here)

I am calling setBackgroundColor in dataCellForRow overide function in my subclass MyTableColumn as following:

/* MyTableColumn.m */

-(id)dataCellForRow:(int)row { id theCell = [super dataCellForRow:row]; if([theCell respondsToSelector:@selector(setBackgroundColor:)]) { if(row%2) [theCell setBackgroundColor:[NSColor grayColor]]; else [theCell setBackgroundColor:[NSColor whiteColor]]; } return theCell; }

But for some reason, the colors won’t reflect on the tableview. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong here? Thanks.

Check out: - (void)tableView:(NSTableView *)aTableView willDisplayCell:(id)aCell forTableColumn:(NSTableColumn *)aTableColumn row:(int)rowIndex - That’s the method you should be doing this in. ;-) Adding: Read the docs, this is a delegate method of NSTableView - this should go in the table’s delegate and its - the table view’s - delegate should be set.