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When I change the size or order of my columns in my NSTableView, it gets AutoSaved in the plist. However, when I programatically remove a column, it shows back up upon Application restart. Here’s my removal code:

[tableView removeTableColumn:[tableView tableColumnWithIdentifier:@"Name"]];

Can I fix this?

If AutoSave doesn’t do this for you, you might store the table columns array in a separate user defaults key (or in the document if it’s a document) and reload it manually (either in the app delegate or in the document load code). – l0ne aka EmanueleVulcano

Have you turned -setAutosaveTableColumns: on in your table view?

Yeah, I know that it is on, because resizing of columns still saves. Just removal or addition isnt stored.

In my plist file, there is a NSTableView Sort Ordering table array, but it looks like this only works for the order of the columns, not which exist and which dont. Is there a seperate place to set this type of Autosave?

I’m having the same problem. I’ve tried lots of things, for example this:

But no success. Keeping a separate array could probably be one “solution” but that’s just seems like an awful waste of code. This should just work, sigh…