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I’m working on an document based applicaton that requires the tableView to be printed. I can get the contents of the tableVew to print just fine but not the colums headers. I would like the column headers to print at the top of every page if thats even possible. The code I used is:

-(void)printShowingPrintPanel:(BOOL)flag { NSPrintInfo *printInfo = [self printInfo]; NSPrintOperation *printOp;

[printInfo setTopMargin:36.0];
[printInfo setLeftMargin:36.0];
[printInfo setRightMargin:36.0];
[printInfo setBottomMargin:36.0];
[printInfo setHorizontallyCentered:NO];
[printInfo setVerticallyCentered:NO];
[printInfo setOrientation:NSLandscapeOrientation];
printOp = [NSPrintOperation printOperationWithView:tableViewPrint printInfo:printInfo];
[printOp runOperation];


This code sets the page up properly except for the scale. I still have to use the page setup window to set that. Any help would be appreciated - Thanks!