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I have been trying to get setStandardInput to work properly. I tested with just cat and it seemed to work pretty easily. However, when you want to make a gui for something like scp, ssh, rsync, etc, it becomes more difficult. All I want is to enter the password. I have code like shown here:, except for rsync instead, and I tried adding an if statement to copyData: that tests for @”Password:” from stdout, and when that happens, uses stdin to print the password that I recieve from the user in a password field. But, this doesn’t seem to work(although i verified that it IS finding @”Password”). I think what is happening is that it is getting sent through a file descriptor that isn’t stdin, maybe, and so I print the password, and it doesn’t work because I am not supposed to be going through stdin, but through another file descriptor. Any suggestions? -Micah

Are you remembering to ask the pipe for the fileHandleForWriting: instead of fileHandleForReading:? –JediKnil —- Yeah, as I said, I tested with cat, just opened it up and from there it echos anything you put forward. And that worked. I think I am not putting it in the correct standard in. You can check out what I have so far: I didn’t set up rsync to read from the NSTableView yet, or put a password field in. That was coming next after I got this working. -Micah —- i believe ssh reads its passwords and passphrases from STDERR. if a tty is allocated, it reads from the tty directly, instead. this allows commands like “ssh host perl < file.perl” to work with password authentication. -ZJR