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I’ve been trying to implement autocomplete in an NSTextView (I’m making a source code editor).

I set the NSTextView’s delegate outlet to my controller class, and implemented the method:

- (NSArray *)textView:(NSTextView *)textView completions:(NSArray *)words forPartialWordRange:(NSRange)charRange indexOfSelectedItem:(int *)index

However, I’ve determined through debugging that that method isn’t even getting called. Why is this? Is there some other setup you have to do to implement autocomplete?


Owen, to my knowledge this method is only called with the user specifically requests auto complete (by pressing Option-Escape) in a default setup. Assuming your delegate outlet is in fact set correctly, this method is only called with the user calls it.

The other setup you have to do is have a NSTimer that gets reset after every keystroke for the autocomplete delay, and call your completion code from there. Or you could use DelayedMessaging - that blahBlahPerformSelector:afterDelay: method i’m always forgetting the name to