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I submitted this question to cocoadev mailing list with no luck. I’m having trouble indenting my text with a custom nstextview. I want it indented in relation to the top and bottom, leaving a space of about 1 pixel above the text, and below. To do this, currently I am using [textView setTextContainerInset: NSMakeSize(…)]; This works well enough, but break my border drawing code, which is the following:

@implementation NSTextViewSubclass



For some reason, when I set a container inset, the top of my border is lost, as if the container is now being drawn on TOP of the border. Does anyone know why this is happening/a workaround/ a different method to create the inset?

Note: I cannot place the textview in a scroll view since it is being used as a field editor, so I can’t use NSScrollView’s border.

Thanks in advance,