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Hello. I’m trying to make a simple RPG engine, using some Open Sword code as a base (and may I say, you guys are awesome). Right now I’m trying to make a game log that keeps track of the player’s actions a la Sword Dream 3D. It works, but when I log a new action and tell the NSTextView to scroll to the end, it scrolls to the end and then adds the new string (or that’s what it seems to be doing). As a result, the log constantly appears to be one step behind the player.

My current code, where gameLog is the outlet to the NSTextView: - (void)translateAction:(NSNotification *)note { if (note object] isEqual:[[OFUp]) { [self logAction:@”\nThe party moves North.”]; } else if (note object] isEqual:[[OFRight]) { [self logAction:@”\nThe party moves East.”]; } else if (note object] isEqual:[[OFDown]) { [self logAction:@”\nThe party moves South.”]; } else if (note object] isEqual:[[OFLeft]) { [self logAction:@”\nThe party moves West.”]; } NSPoint logEndPoint; logEndPoint.x = [gameLog bounds].origin.x + [gameLog bounds].size.width; logEndPoint.y = [gameLog bounds].origin.y + [gameLog bounds].size.height; [gameLog scrollPoint:logEndPoint]; }

What I’d like to know is if there’s a way to fix this so that the log scrolls to the true end, short of subclassing and overriding everything in NSTextView.

One option is ConsoleView FastWritesToNSTextView

Another is - (void) appendMessage:(NSAttributedString *) message at


Ah. Thanks very much - in addition to having the log work now, I feel like a fool for not knowing of the existence of CocoaBuilder beforehand. :)