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see also OutlineViewBindings

How do I implement filtering in NSTreeController? This is relatively easy to do in NSArrayController, as shown here:

The Filtering Controller example shows how to filter an NSArrayController by subclassing and override -arrangeObjects:. However, NSTreeController has no such corresponding method. I need to display only objects with a certain flag set in my outline view - how do I do this using NSTreeController?

I have a single entity, “Item.” Item has attributes for name and children. Name is a string, children is a to-many relationship for other items. Obviously this would be well-handled by an NSTreeController, but I need to do it in an NSArrayController so I can filter the data and display the results in a table.

I have two controllers, an NSArrayController of root items (with the predicate parent == nil), and an NSArrayController bound to the children content set of the root controller. How can I make the other array controller bind to ALL of the items in the root controller, not just one level deep?

You don’t need to do it in an NSArrayController to filter data. You can apply a filter to an NSTreeController with only minor adaptation of Mmalc’s Bindings examples:

… look for “Filtering Controller” example and adapt it.

Also…shouldn’t you be using an NSOutlineView for tree/recursive data?

I have an NSArrayController bound to my root objects (or folders). I then have an NSTreeController bound to all of the children of the selected folder.

So basically, on the left I have a table view with a list of folders. On the right I have a list of items in that folder (in an outline view, because it is recursive). I’m in the process of adding filtering to the selected folder. I have it working fine for filtering ALL ITEMS, but not just the items in the selected folder. To filter all items, I do the following:

Swap the outline with a table. That table is bound to another array controller, which is bound to the item entity. Then I filter that. My question is, how can I bind that search controller to only the items in the selected folder, instead of all of the items? Thanks

I’m not entirely certain, but I’m looking at a similar thing (nested to-do list items bound via an NSTreeController) and it looks like I may have to subclass NSTreeController to get this to work. – RobRix

I’m not sure if this will help any, but I’ve written an NSTreeController subclass that seems to be able to filter the tree based on a predicate. Check it out at - it’s got my class dropped into the OutlineEdit sample code. –Jim

Gosh! This hack really looks evil! :-)

Straight up… it’s pure evil from the fifth dimension. :) It’s a fun brain-bender when I try and explain it. Should I try? –Jim