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I’m interested in writing my own protocol in Cocoa. I’ve had a look at the NSURLProtocol class and understand that I have to subclass this. Does anybody know of any good tutorials on this?


Hi everybody,

I want to handle custom type urls in my app. I’m registering CFBundleURLTypes in app’s Info.plist and also I’m subclassing NSURLProtocol (and register it with [NSURLProtocol registerClass:[MyURLProtocol class]]). The problem is that when I click on myapp://link the app is launched but no one method of NSURLProtocol is called. What am I doing wrong?

I believe that interaction takes place through AppleScript. I don’t use anything related to NSURLProtocol. Here’s how it works for me:

My scriptTerminology file contains the following:

"GetURL" = { CommandClass = someclass; AppleEventCode = GURL; AppleEventClassCode = GURL; };

where someclass contains:

Good luck, Cristi —-

You want to do something like this: [[NSAppleEventManager sharedAppleEventManager] setEventHandler:self andSelector:@selector( handleURLEvent:withReplyEvent: ) forEventClass:kInternetEventClass andEventID:kAEGetURL];


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