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I have an instance NSView subclass that has many various subviews within it. I’d like that instance to receive all mouse left-click events first, so I tried the following code:

- (BOOL)acceptsFirstMouse:(NSEvent *)theEvent {    return YES; }

However, I only get an “Other message” when I click in a NSTextField subview. Am I missing a step here?

– RyanGovostes

I do believe there is a special event for right mouse down.

I was looking for the left mouse button, though.

If your subviews implement mouseDown:, they will intercept the event and you will never see it.

I’m not sure of what a good way to do this would be. Perhaps override -hitTest: to return self, and then implement all mouse events to do your interception, then use [super hitTest:] and pass the event on.

In your subviews, implement self superview] mouseDown:event];

Also, the event passed into mouseDown: will not have a type of [[NSLeftMouseUp. It will probably have a type of NSLeftMouseDown.

Oops, thanks for the catch. I would implement the self superview] mouseDown:event]; for each subview, but I’d have to do a lot of subclassing of those, too. What about putting a see-through [[NSView subclass instance on the top and ordering everything below it, and then using this topmost view for click stuff?