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A category that adds some functionality to NSWindow.

A particularly interesting method is - (void)morphToFrame:(NSRect)newFrame overTimeInterval:(NSTimeInterval)morphInterval; which allows you to smoothly animate a window resizing.

I haven’t used this - it looks like it might be a little slow. Does anyone have any experience with it?

I’ve not used any of the Omni frameworks myself, but I’d assume they use this in the preferences window in OmniWeb, which is quick enough. – RobRix

Looking at OAPreferenceController, they use NSWindow’s setFrame:display: animate:. In fact, they don’t use morphToFrame anywhere in OmniAppKit. –MichaelMcCracken

Heh, curious. – RobRix

It’s used in OmniWeb:

*Main Menu -> View -> Status Bar *Downloads window: Show details disclosure widget.

– TomBunch