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I was looking through documentation on NSWorkspace, and I came across this:

int tag; BOOL succeeded; NSString *source, *destination, *fullPath; // Assume these exist NSWorkspace *workspace = [NSWorkspace sharedWorkspace]; NSArray *files = [NSArray arrayWithObject:fullPath]; succeeded = [workspace performFileOperation:NSWorkspaceCopyOperation source:source destination:destination files:files tag:&tag];

I understood most of it, but I was confused by fullPath. Can anyone fill me in?


You know, at first glance, I thought you must be joking. It’s a full path, right? How hard can it be? /path/to/wherever

But then I realized that it’s also a copy operation. And the usual way to do copies is to find a list of filenames relative to source and move them to destination. In fact (AFAIK), all of the NSWorkspace file operations work this way. So why use a full path? Well, there’s certainly no harm in it…but now I agree - there is no need for it. So what’s up with Apple? –JediKnil

Is there an easier way to copy files?

Theres - (BOOL)copyPath:(NSString *)source toPath:(NSString *)destination handler:(id)handler from NSFileManager