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To do a “Reveal in Finder” type command, you just need the (full) path, and then write something like the following call:

(IBAction)revealLocal:(id)sender{ NSWorkspace *sw = [NSWorkspace sharedWorkspace];

 // probably going to use your own path, this is just to remind you to expand '~'.
NSString *path = [@"~/Desktop/MyFile.pdf" stringByExpandingTildeInPath]; 
[sw selectFile:path inFileViewerRootedAtPath:nil];


I’m having trouble with this method. Even though the docs are very specific:

If a path is specified by rootFullPath, a new file viewer is opened. If rootFullPath is an empty string (@""), the file is selected in the main viewer.

I’m getting a new file viewer created each time I call this even though I’m passing @”” for rootFullPath. Anyone else have this problem or know what’s up?

UPDATE: This only happens if I call the method with a path to a folder. Works as advertised for files.


Did you try passing ‘nil’ as the path? Sorry, brain-dead question. Never mind I asked. ;-)

What if you specify the parent folder as the rootFullPath?

works great for me! EcumeDesJours