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NSXML is a set of classes introduced in OS X 10.4 (Tiger) that deals with a complete XML tree.

It is comprised of these FoundationKit classes:

*NSXMLNode *NSXMLDocument *NSXMLElement *NSXMLDTD (wikified as NSXmlDtd) *NSXMLDTDNode

It does not include NSXMLParser, though NSXML does use it to parse XML.

Appleā€™s unusually good overview is at < >.

NSXML supports many cool things:

*User data associated with XML elements and attributes *NSValueTransformer *DTD manipulation *XML namespaces *XQuery and XPath *XSLT document transformations (wikified as XSLTransformations) *XInclude *CocoaBindings

In particular, XPath takes all the drudgery out of reading XML values.