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Nano is a C++ framework for developing high-performance applications for Mac OS X.

Nano provides a complete set of classes for application development, allowing you to build full-featured, extensible, and maintainable applications for Mac OS X using the industry-standard C++ language.

I have to ask - why tell us about a C++ framework on a Cocoa site? After doing years of C++ I think nobody would prefer it over Objective-C/Cocoa given a free choice, and when the Cocoa framework for Mac OS X is so comprehensive, why would anyone need a C++ framework? You can do things in Objective-C that C++ only dreams about, and its learning curve is much less steep. I say this having stopped development of MacZoop (a C++ framework) basically because it became obsolete for exactly this reason. –GrahamCox.

The same reason that a MacZoop page exists.

MacZoop is not a currently active framework; I stopped work on it about three years ago now. Cocoa made any further effort in that direction pointless. The MacZoop page here wasn’t added here by me, I should point out, though I did add a footnote to it. –GrahamCox