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A BSD UNIX that will run on quite a few things, including 68K machines. Swell!

In fact, NetBSD’s entire claim to fame is its portability. While not the widest spread or necessarily the best branch of the BSD family, it has the best hardware abstraction layer, allowing it to run on something to the tune of 39 different platforms. This abundance of supported platforms makes it the modern operating system of choice for those using obscure hardware. –OwenAnderson

Good… God… 39? Suh-weet. – RobRix

Nope, it doesn’t run on 39 platforms…. it runs on 49 platforms… ;) //PtxMac

Yes, but not all of those support the most recent release. I’m reasonably certain the last stable release ran on 39 platforms. –OwenAnderson

Latest count is looking like 41, but my eyes may have crossed.

Needless to say, Darwin has its roots firmly and deeply planted in BSD… which also happens to be the primary inspiration for Linux.

ObSlashdot - So it wouldn’t be that hard for Apple to port OSX to the Acorn Archimedes.

I think that Linux and BSD got started at around the same time. The primary inspiration for Linux was MINIX

No, BSD far predates Linux. Check this out

It shows the first BSD release in 1977 and Linux 0.01 was released in 1991 (which isn’t on there but I have the 0.01 source on a poster which claims it was released in 1991).

You are right in that Linux was based on Minix but they both follow the Unix model of operating system design (although differ greatly, especially between each other, in kernel design) which was popularized by BSD (as well as the obvious, Unix).


My bad, I was apparently thinking of BSD on x86 rather than BSD in general, which came in around 1991 according to that chart.

BSD, predates ALL Unices except the first ATT unix. Its purpose was to make freely available what had been entirely proprietary – as we all know from SCO. Funny thing is, it became unclear whether BSD would in fact be free after all, at which point the unix clones kicked in in full force. Linux, actually, is incredibly non inovative, with almost all of its great ideas coming from BSD… and BillJoy, in particular. and all of its lousy ideas coming from Windows

The definitive *nix family tree: []

To the guy that has the BSD 0.1 source on a poster: where’d you get it?

If you are referring to me, it is a Linux 0.01 source poster and my Dad gave it to me after Red Hat sent it to him. They released it with one of their annual reports while he owned some stock in them. It is pretty neat and it has Every revolution was first a thought in one man’s mind. overlaid on it.