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What does everybody think about some of us working together to write an app create/view/modify discussions without having to go through a web browser?

Wish I (newb) could help, but, nonetheless, that would be sweet. ; D

Could we have a bit more detail ?? Discussions on or generic ?? What don’t you like about using a web browser ?? How would / should the app be better ??


I do mean I don’t mean it as a replacement for the website or using web browser. I mean it as a extra tool to use. It might keep track of discussions that you personally have contributed to. It could automatically search for specific keywords of things that interest you. I was always taught that software is written to do two things… 1. Solve a problem, and 2. Make things easier to do. And I personally think that an app like that would make things easier.

It would also provide built in spell checking for those not using Safari, OmniWeb, or some other browser with spell check.

– MattGoodmen

Live chat feature?

Yea live chat and the ability to send files to each other.

If you’re interested in extending the Wiki paradigm, you might want to look at MeatballWiki, a Wiki about Wikis.

Well, there’s always the cocoadev ChatRoom.

Speaking of iChat… It seems interesting, but I don’t have a .mac account. Is there any other way to create an iChat account ?

This is kind of off-topic, but yes, you can use regular AIM accounts. I’ve got one of those. They’re free (as in beer). – RobRix