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I just recently started using Cocoa and I was looking for some code examples of XMLTree in action.

I am trying to read in an XML file, modify it and write it out again. not much to it but I am unsure of how to proceed or if XMLTree is the right class for the job.

As of 10.4, the built in NSXML is strong enough to do that. See

Thanks. Does anyone know of code examples with file manipulation in them? I find the class descriptions difficult to follow.

Thanks again.

try file:///Developer/Examples/Foundation/XMLBrowser

Anyone else notice that in Safari, clicking on file:// URLs doesn’t do anything, but if you enter it in the address field it opens?

Yeah, it’s actually enough of a problem to be annoying (but not frustrating). Workaround: drag the link to the address bar. –JediKnil

You can also use IconaraDOM, which is more like NSXML, but works on 10.2 and 10.3. –Theo