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Warning! Most of the fun (and frustration) of programming is figuring it out yourself. This page has solutions to some of the suggestions at NewbieProjectIdeas. If you want to figure them out yourself, go back, my newbie. If you are so frustrated and need some help, continue…




For the Shape Drawer idea, how would you draw a regular nth-gon (a regular polygon with n sides)? –JohnDevor

I definitely saw a tutorial out there that had a slider and an NSView. As you moved the slider the polygon added sides - triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, etc. It was either at O’Reilly or some other place. I am sorry I can’t tell you exactly where. If I find it I will let you know. – AlexanderD

*You must mean RoundTransparentWindow: *

Sounds promising. – JohnDevor

This example is (nearly) fully fleshed-out in BookBuildingCocoaApplications by Garfinkel and Mahoney. There is a bug in the presented code that is not that difficult to eliminate.

Game of Life:

It really isn’t the most efficient code (not at all actually), but it gets the job done. Feel free to share your suggestions.

A quasi take on the drawer shapes, but instead it uses rand() and a timer to draw semi-random squiggles. – MatPeterson

I took a shot at Shape Drawer and posted the source to my website – MikeZornek

I made a working alarm clock example and posted it on my site: –AdamLeonard