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I’m trying to find out if there are any significant changes in the dev tools recently released on the ADC from the WWDC.


Depends what you mean by significant. :) Nothing too major has changed on the surface, but it seems like a number of under-the-hood bug fixes and so on.

One thing I did notice is that the GDB included with CodeWarrior Pro 7 EA is more recent than the one on Apple’s WWDC dev tools disk. CW debugging is coming close to being usable on OS X, barring the speed issues.

– StevenFrank

Is this an official development tool review, Steven? Something along the lines of CocoaTools or CocoaReviews?

Personally, I’ve seen nothing major, but I updated anyhow, partly because I enjoy updating my software (I am indeed a geek), and partly because I wanted to get that WO5 trial anyhow…

Should be fun!

– RobRix

Check the release notes? I think there were some bugfixes to PB and IB, amongst other things…

The new PB crashes alot, and I haven’t noticed any new features. They’re there, but none of them is so drastic that I’ve noticed ;) So my advice is unless there’s a particular reason you need to upgrade, you might as well stick with 1.0