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One of many RSSNewsReaders for OS X….

Created by Dave Watanabe:

Is shareware, limited to a certain number of feeds until registered. Not anymore, it’s now free.

Those interested in how user interface elements specific to NewsFire were accomplished may want to see the following pages:

VisualEffectsInCocoaApps - *For a discussion of some of the latest trends in visual effects. NSTableViewRollover - *How to make a table view highlight a row during mouse over. [ Note - NewsFire uses a WebView with CSS for this effect. ] ITunesStyleGradient - *How to make a ‘source list’ type table view whose selected rows use a gradient effect. NSTableViewBezeledBorder - *How to make the metal bezel view found in NewsFire, iTunes, and other apps. NewsFireClone - *A proposal for a free alternative to NewsFire, incorporating all its effects.

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