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Are the Notes in in Leopard accessible like the to-dos via the calendar store? Or some other framework?

I’m also interested in this - there must be some way to interact them, I mean, why make to-dos accessible and not the Notes?

To Dos are part of CalendarStore.framework, which is mainly used by iCal and which Mail just hooks into. I don’t think it has the ability to store notes, and I believe that stores them in its own store like messages, which would make them inaccessible through normal means. The Scripting Bridge may have something that could interact with them, although I doubt it would be as powerful as an actual framework specifically for Notes. –LoganCollins

Check to see if there’s a SyncServices schema for Notes. If there is such a schema, then you can write an app that uses it and syncs its own note database automatically with the notes database.