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The CocoaDev wiki is under JNozzi new management. As of April, 2012, Steven Frank of Panic, Inc (its founder and, until recently, owner and curator) sought to find it a new home. It’s now hosted and maintained by JNozzi Joshua Nozzi and the flood of spam has been reduced at least to a manageable level. I’d love to see if we can revive this wiki as the go-to “crowd-sourced documentation” site it had been for so long.

As an avid visitor, anonymous contributer, and self-imposed curator since 2002, I’d like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Steven Frank and “KritTer” for creating such a wonderfully useful resource. To me it was instrumental in my Cocoa / Objective-C learning endeavor and I’m sure I’m far from alone there. Thanks, guys - I’m honored to take on the role of curator and host.

– Josh

== What’s Changed? ==

== Known Issues ==

See: WikiChanges for a list of stuff that should/could be changed.

== Original Message from Steven Frank ==

I currently don't have enough time to maintain CocoaDev properly, and without attentive moderation it is filling up with spam. I'm talking with some people interested in taking over the site. I would like to see it continue operating under a new owner. Sorry for the inconvenience. I hope to have this sorted out shortly. -- Steven