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I’m writing an app that makes digests of Slashdot posts. To download a story from Slashdot, I’m using the following code:

Addresses like work fine, but for a full story address, such as…

…dont work. The NSLog’ings of storyAddr and storyUrl look fine, but the NSLog’ing of storyText simply produces:

Story data: {���

Note the lack of closing brace also. Does anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong here?

Most likely the slashdot server is returning a compressed (gzipped) page. You’d have to gunzip it.

-john t

in which case, of course, you should be using dataWithContentsOfURL: - or, better yet, some lower-level way of accessing the page which tells you the Content-Type and Content-Transfer-Encoding. –boredzo

A buddy of mine and I (mostly him) took just took on this problem and I think we got a pretty good solution. Here’s the NSString category; just make an empty .h file for it and add it to your project and you don’t even have to change your existing code:

@implementation NSString (GzipAwareString)