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I am trying to sort an NSMutableArray of NSStrings numerically. I tried using compare: options:NSNumericSearch as a sort selector in Interface Builder, but it wouldn’t let me.

I have an idea that I could make a convenience method for -(NSComparisonResult)compare:(NSString )aString* options:(unsigned)NSNumericSearch called -(NSComparisonResult)numericalCompare:(NSString )aString*, but I have no idea how to get Interface Builder to use this custom method as a sort selector.

I have looked in the IB help, XCode docs, and several sites, but the information was very difficult to find. Can anyone help me?

Try to write a NSString category, and specify numericalCompare: as a sort selector.

@interface NSString (MyAdditions) @end

@implementation NSString (MyAdditions)

-(NSComparisonResult)numericalCompare:(NSString *)otherString { return [self compare:otherString options:NSNumericSearch]; }


– DenisGryzlov