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This class provides a nice generic method for implementing type-ahead selection in any collection of selectable objects. An example is in the Finder, where you can start typing a file’s name and it will be highlighted.

To use OATypeAheadSelectionHelper, you instantiate one, provide a data source (setDataSource:), and implement the following protocol in that data source:

- (NSArray *)typeAheadSelectionItems; This is where we build the list of possible items which the user can select by typing the first few letters. You should return an array of NSStrings.

- (NSString *)currentlySelectedItem; Type-ahead-selection behavior can change if an item is currently selected (especially if the item was selected by type-ahead-selection). Return nil if you have no selection or a multiple selection.

- (void)typeAheadSelectItemAtIndex:(int)itemIndex; We call this when a type-ahead-selection match has been made; you should select the item based on its index in the array you provided in -typeAheadSelectionItems.

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