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ObjCBrowser-A variation on SmallTalk’s Browser application, meant to ease the writing and browsing of ObjC code.

ObjCBrowser is a project of JoeOsborn.

ObjCBrowser provides a handy, NSBrowser-based way to look at projects. It looks something like this:

Image link (doesn’t work in OmniWeb):

And clicking on anything in any of those columns will provide in the text view either a template or the current value of the selected item– for instance, a selection path like:

My Project–>Classes–>Useless Classes–>A Useless Class–>Instance Methods–>Some Method Category–>-eatFood

Will provide, in an NSTextView at the bottom of the window, the implementation of -[AUselessClass eatFood]. It can there be modified, and then cmd-s can be hit and the changes will save. Class definitions can also be modified in such a way.

Methods and classes can be categorized by means of a handy interface brought up via a contextual menu.

ObjCBrowser may also eventually feature a preprocessor for a special dialect of ObjectiveCee. This will allow for such shortcuts as:

@{…} for CodeBlocks @42 for NSNumbers @(item, item, …) for NSArrays @[receiver message] for NSInvocations 0@1 for NSPoints 0@1<>1@2 for NSRects @<key=value, …> for NSDictionaries And any others that seem useful…

After the preprocessor, I’ll also implement a Workspace window in which one can enter arbitrary objective-c code and see the result(either in that window or in a Transcript somewhere). Most coding can be done in a Workspace, and once it works, it can be committed to a proper method.

Unit testing will be integrated. Compiling the project and running tests will be the matter of a simple keystroke.

ObjCBrowser will eventually gain RefactoringBrowser features.

A working version of ObjCBrowser is available at, but I make no guarantee as to the extent of its working. Its serious use is also not wholly recommended, as a new version of OCB is in the works that is a medium-scale rewrite.

The iDisk link no longer contains ObjCBrowser as of March 2, 2005. A pity, as I would have liked to try this tool.

“I would also have liked to have tried this tool. I can’t find Joe Osborn anywhere on the web either…*

– JoeOsborn

The .mac link above is now 404. Is there a new home for ObjCBrowser?

– MichaelNygard