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This page is for tracking re-usable Cocoa networking classes. It is a subpage of ObjectLibrary.

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*AMSerial - - A collection of two classes to access serial ports. Based on the Serial Port Sample from Apple.

*AsyncSocket - - A non-blocking wrapper for CFStream and CFSocket.

*CSMail - - A framework intended to allow applications to send e-mail (including attachments) via the user’s mail client without tying applications to any particular client. Currently supports, Entourage and Eudora. Distributed under a BSD-style license.

*CURLHandle - - Dan Wood’s Curl wrapper in Cocoa for handling NSURL stuff that’s difficult using the default Cocoa classes

IPWorks! for Mac OS X - - Cocoa framework for adding Internet functionality to your applications, including classes for: HTTP, FTP, POP, SMTP, SNMP, IMAP, NNTP, SOAP, MX, LDAP, and much more. (not free)

*MailCore - - Framework for working with IMAP/SMTP (BSD License)

*Netclasses - - asynchronous networking framework for Mac OS X and GNUstep

*NetSocket - - TCP socket class, providing buffered asynchronous networking, based on CFSocket - EDIT: seems to be a placeholder page

*Pantomime - - Framework/classes for POP3, IMAP, SMTP. (LPGL License)

*Plankton - - An Erlang style actor library for Objective-C. (BSD License)

*RSS - - Class for parsing RSS feeds. (BSD License)

*SimpleHTTP - - Cocoa wrapper around libcurl that can perform asynchronous HTTP GETs into memory. Also supports PUT and POST.

*SmallSockets - - Cocoa wrapper over plain old BSD sockets

*SparkleUpdater - - Cocoa module to check for updates; capable of end-to-end self-updating with no user action required.

*ThoMoNetworking - - A very simple to use framework that provides nonblocking object sending and automatic connection setup via bonjour. ThoMoNetworking also works seamlessly on the iPhone and iPad and their simulators!

*UKFeedbackProvider - - A class that can be plugged into your applications and adds a “Send Feedback…” menu item to your application, like Safari has one, so your users can easily report bugs, request features etc. Part of the NiftyFeatures project.

*UKUpdateChecker - - A class that can be plugged into your applications and will automatically check a .plist file at a certain URL (on the web) to find out whether a newer version of it is available, offering to open the download link. It will also ask the user whether to automatically check for updates periodically (by default every 10 days) at application startup. Part of the NiftyFeatures project.

*Connection Kit - - The Connection Kit provides a single interface for doing file transfers over HTTP, FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, .Mac and local file copies. It is under a BSD style license. There is preliminary support for NNTP. This was originally known as FTPConnection but grew to include the other types of transfers and was thus renamed. It comes with a demo application that can be used for testing each connection type. It was designed with the delegate pattern and is multithreaded. As of 2010 it’s no longer maintained/supported and does not run in more recent releases of Mac OS X

*XML-RPC for Objective-C - XML-RPC library (client and server) for Objective-C.

*DTCVersionManager - - a simple class used to check for and notify users of a new version of your application.

*PingTool - - a class for performing icmp pings on a host.

*WebServerFramework - Objective-C framework which allows you to embed a HTTP web server in your application for GET, HEAD, PUT and DELETE requests (Creative Commons License)